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Providing excellent cost effective accounting and tax services

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Tax Saviour (Pty) Ltd Corporate and Personal Taxation Specialists

Tax Saviour (Pty) Ltd Accountants, Bookkeepers & Advisory Specialists in Polokwane

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Tax Saviour (Pty) Ltd Corporate and Personal Taxation Specialists in Polokwane

Corporate Taxation

Taxation affects all businesses. Developing effective tax strategies that encompass the whole entity is essential, with the impact of an approach of a particular transaction/s considered in relation to its effect on the overall tax position of the entity and objectives of management. It is also a fact of life that the tax legislation is becoming ever more complex.

For example, we advise on:

• Compliance requirements
• Withholding taxes
• Customs duties
• Dividend, royalty or interest planning
• Employment taxes and employee benefits

Personal Taxation

The company has specialist knowledge and experience to assist clients deal with all the different aspects of taxation and, where required, negotiate with SARS on their behalf. The company aims to minimise taxation therefore maximizing wealth, whilst ensuring compliance with relevant legislation.

We also advise on taxation of individuals for example:
• Sole traders ( Income Tax and VAT )
• Commission Income ( Claiming of expenses including home office expenses )
• Independent contractors
• Salary earners ( Travel log books; Medical aid; Pensions Lumpsums etc )

Services We Offer

  • Personal Income tax
  • Salary earners tax returns
  • Commission earners returns
  • Travel allowance log books
  • Handling SARS Audits
  • SARS debt negotiations
  • Handling of Objections / Disputes
  • SARS ADR process representation
  • Sole trader – Rental income
  • Corporate Income tax
  • Tax types registration
  • Submission of tax returns
  • Handling SARS Audits
  • SARS debt negotiations
  • Handling of Objections / Disputes
  • SARS ADR process representation
  • PAYE
  • Payroll services
  • UIF & SDL
  • Submission of EMP 201 returns
  • Submission of EMP 501 returns
  • Handling SARS Audits
  • Debt management
  • Audit Disputes  & Appeals


  • Value Added Tax
  • Registrations
  • VAT 201 returns submissions
  • VAT refunds assistance
  • Handling  SARS Audits
  • Debt management
  • Disputes & Appeals
  • Other Tax Services
  • Businesses tax Consulting
  • Tax Advice
  • Provisional Tax Submissions
  • Tax Clearance Certificates
  • CSD compliance Accounting

Other Tax Services

1. Handling of SARS audits
– Whenever there is an audit whether random or investigative audits, you really require the assistance of a professional tax specialist. Our specialist after having worked at SARS for more than 10 years working on audits is the right person to contact when faced with such difficult stressful situations.
– The wording used in SARS engagement letters can be confusing and you may end up submitting incorrect information, which may result in negative consequences and that is why you require the services of a tax professional to come to your rescue and to hold your hand every step of the way.
– After the audit has been concluded, SARS would normally communicate the audit findings and quoting sections of the Tax Administration Act; Value Added Tax as well as the Income Tax Act and with many years of experience in the tax field our specialist will definitely be in a good position to help you understand the contents of such letters and help you in resolving the issues raised.
– The volumes of documents requested by SARS auditors may be too much for to handle and considering you must focus on your day to day running of your business and as The Tax Saviour we are there to rescue from the burden of having to deal with many things at the same time.
– We also realised that SARS queries are not timeously attended to and leading to incorrect assessment by SARS as a result of taxpayer’s non-compliance and that is why we are here for you to ensure that SARS queries are attended to immediately for you to have a peace of mind.
– Investigative audits conducted by SARS can be stressful times for the business or as an individual because sometimes can cover periods exceeding 5 years.

2. Assessment Disputes / Appeals
– It is our responsibility that SARS treats taxpayers with fairness; respect and transparency.
– We will ask all the questions regarding the assessments raised and ensure that our clients pay the correct amount of tax
– The tax administration act does give taxpayers a second chance to raise issues regarding the assessment, which one may be aggrieved about. We will be there to guide you every step of the way and we will take the responsibility of ensuring that the dispute process is initiated in time within the prescribed time frames.
– We will guide you also throughout the ADR ( Alternative Dispute Resolution ) and represent you with excellency and so you can stay relaxed knowing that you have appointed the right professionals.
– We will advise you correctly especially regarding settlements and we will lead you to the right path and what we believe is good for you at all times.

3. Debt Management
– After every SARS assessment it is important that payment be made timeously to avoid interest being levied on the outstanding balance.
– We will be there to initiate on your behalf suitable affordable payment arrangements and so that you can have your CSD compliance back on condition you honour such arrangements.
– We will help initiate a debt compromise when we realise that your financial situation in not improving.
– We will ensure that as a taxpayer your rights are not infringed upon by SARS debt collectors whom are only focused on the bottom line and that is to collect revenue.

4. Tax Advice / General Issues
– We are full time available to our clients for any tax advice ‘that requires urgent attention of a specialist
– We give full attention to our clients at all times and our doors are always open